Healing Our Hearts


n 1975, an Elder in our church approached Carrie and me to ask if we would be willing to pray about joining him and his wife in their deliverance ministry. They explained that the demand for deliverance had become great and was significantly taxing their lives. After prayer, we did sense that this was God's will for us. They spent time teaching us, and we came alongside them for a number of deliverances. Then, the Lord began to bring people to us, and the Elder and his wife were able to send people to us. We have been evicting demons from people ever since then.

The world has greatly sensationalized the subject of demons and their ways. This has caused millions to greatly fear them. Very large numbers of people are currently being tormented by demons, and have no understanding that this torment can be ended by having the demons cast out. Demons are real. They have not "gone away", in our modern times. A study of the Gospels will reveal that casting out demons was about one fourth of the ministry of our Lord, Jesus, as he ministered to people. He instructed his disciples to cast out demons, as a normal part of their lives. It is very unfortunate that the church of Jesus Christ, in our modern times, has chosen to avoid this important ministry.

I have written a 15 page booklet entitled, "Preparation for Your Deliverance Appointment", which briefly covers most of the information that people seem to want. If you would like a copy, contact me at dkrobin7@gmail.com. I would also recommend that you read Don Basham's book, "Deliver Us From Evil". In my opinion, it is the best primer on the subject of demons and deliverance. It is very readable, as it is largely a narrative about how the Lord taught him about the reality of the devil and his demons, and then led him into a deliverance ministry. Copies are available through Amazon.com.

The articles, Demons 1 and Demons 2, will give you a pretty good understanding of what is involved in the demon realm, and how they can be cast out of a person. May the Lord give you strength, boldness and courage, as you read these articles.