Healing Our Hearts

Demons 2 - Casting Demons out of People

           People come to an awareness that they have demons in many ways.  Some receive that revelation from  the Lord.  Some have their friends tell them.  Some become aware of persistent troubling behavior patterns or emotions that they have always overlooked, and they now want to be relieved of them.  They try exerting their will power, but find this doesn’t work.  They try prayer, and work hard to stay in the Spirit so they can get victory over them.  When this hasn’t worked, they become discouraged and may place blame in various places.  Some seek advice from Christians that the Lord used in ministry.

            When asked how one can know if the troubling behavior or emotions in his life are caused by a demon, I always say that if persistent prayer and hard work over a meaningful length of time fail to bring any real victory, we have to begin to suspect that one or more demons are there.  The demons will prevent any complete victory, as long as they are there.  If you suspect that the culprit is a demon, it is good to know that a pretty thorough deliverance can be achieved in just three hours.  So, why struggle for months or years to see if you can gain victory on your own?

            Deliverance is always best if done by a team of two people, with one the acknowledged leader.  The two partners can alternate the leadership if they want, so that the other one is the leader next time.  If the partners are both men, they must insist that a female that wants deliverance must bring her own female chaperone who has three qualities: she has some understanding of deliverance, she will be an intercessor, and she will not try to enter into the job of casting out the demons (however, she may share occasional bits of discernment about the demons).

            The deliverance candidate must read some recommended material, such as Don Basham's book, "Deliver Us From Evil", in order to have a proper grasp of what deliverance really is about.  The world around us has produced some pretty bizarre ideas on this subject.  If you are interested, you may order the little 15 page booklet entitled, "Preparation for Your Deliverance Appointment" for just $4.00.  Just go to  "Book For Sale"

            Every deliverance appointment should begin with a special kind of “covering prayer”.  The prayer should go something like this:  “Father, we’re gathered to do Your work, on behalf of _______.  We meet in Jesus’ name, and ask that You manifest Your powerful presence here in our midst.  Fill this room with Your presence, and the anointing of Your Holy Spirit.  Come in Your might and glory, so that no demon can stand against Your glorious authority.  We thank You for granting us Your delegated authority, so that we can serve You in casting these demons out of ________.  We ask that You rise up in each of us by Your Holy Spirit, and bring the giftings that are needed for this work.  Bring the gifts of discerning of spirits, words of knowledge and wisdom, and every kind of revelation that we will need in order to know what these demons are doing during this time together.  Station angels inside and outside this room, to ward off any darts that the enemy may want to send in his attempt to hinder this work.  And, we ask for the covering of the blood of Jesus.  Cover each of us, and our families, and all that You have given us.  Now, we thank You for the great victory You are going to bring.  Grant me Your delegated authority even now, as I speak to these demons, in Your name.  I ask this in Jesus’ Name”.

            Now, we speak directly to the demons in the person, while looking at the person (who will usually have his eyes closed), as follows:  “In the name of Jesus, I speak to all you demons in ________, with the delegated authority given me by Jesus Christ, the Lord of this universe.  I tell you that you may not harm _______, and you may not manifest in any way to hinder this work of Jesus.  You have been in _______ long enough, and you are coming out today.  When you are commanded to leave, you will leave in a peaceable way, and you will leave this property, to stay.  To defy our commands would be to defy the very name and authority of Jesus Christ Himself, and you will wish you had not done that.  Prepare to come out, in Jesus’ Name.”

            The deliverance appointment it generally divided into three parts: the interview (about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes), the “legal work” (about 15 minutes), and the eviction of the demons (about an hour and a half).  During the interview, the person receiving the ministry tells about his life.  We begin by asking about the condition of his parents’ marriage during the time he was being carried in his mother’s womb.  Sometimes, the spirit of rejection will enter the child even in his mother’s womb, if he is not wanted.  If this is true, the spirits of self-rejection and fear of rejection will usually gain entrance by the time he enters grade school.  Many families have a curse of rejection on them, because of the sins of their forefathers (ancestors).  This has to be broken before the spirit of rejection can be expelled (cast out).  During the interview process, when we identify a spirit, we write its name on our list of demons to be cast out. With the demon identified, we ask if the candidate knows if the problem that this spirit causes has been in the life of any of his ancestors.  This helps in knowing whether there is a curse on the family line that needs to be broken.  If we think so, we write the word "curse” next to the name of the demon, so that we will remember to break that curse when we do the “legal work”.

           We continue the interview, asking the candidate to relate to us any and all incidents from his childhood in which he experienced trauma, fear, rejection, pain, strong anger, etc, as the Lord leads.  The Holy Spirit must be strongly guiding the deliverance team members during the interview process.  The incidents related by the candidate may have provided an opening for a spirit to enter.  We continue to ask about the events in his life, all the way to adulthood.  We ask about whether there were incidents that may have let in sexual demons.  If so, we write down their names on the list, such as, lust, fornication, etc.  We also ask about whether there was any involvement in occult activities.  This is a significant door for the entry of demons.  Whenever we ask for help or information from a supernatural source other than God, we have stepped in to the devil's territory, and left ourselves open to attack.

             During the legal work, we lead the person in a prayer to the Lord something like this, “Father, I confess that I am your child, and not a child of Satan.  You have saved me and justified me.  I am yours, and will always be yours.  I thank you for giving your Son, Jesus, to suffer and die on the cross for me, to pay my penalty.  Thank you for His shed blood, and for the forgiveness that it brought into my life.  Now, I want to be sure that I have no remaining unforgiveness in my life.  Please show me anyone that I need to forgive, and I will forgive them”.  At this point, the person is instructed to listen to the Lord showing him the people he needs to forgive.  He is to say, out loud, so that we can hear him and be his witnesses, the simple words, “Father, I forgive ________”, for each person.  We intercede for him, silently, while he is doing this.  When he is finished, he is to signal us to that effect.

            Then, we lead him in saying, “Thank you, Father, for enabling me to forgive these people.  Now, I want to make sure I am forgiven of all my sins.  Please show me any sins I need to confess to you”.  He can do this silently.  We intercede for him, silently.  He is to signal when he is finished.

            Then, we lead him as follows, “Thank you, Father, for your forgiveness.  I thank you for giving your Son, Jesus, to be my Lord and Savior.  I also thank you for that portion of your Word, in Joel 2:32, that says, ’All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered’.  I call upon you Lord Jesus.  Thank you for being my Lord and Savior.  Now, I call upon you as my Deliverer.  Please grant me your delegated authority to break curses, and please set me free from these demons, I pray in your mighty name, Lord Jesus”.

            Now, we break the curses by having the person say,  “Father, I renounce all the sins of all my ancestors that led to these curses coming upon my family line: the curse of rejection, the curse of control, addiction, lust, etc.  Now, with the anointing of your Holy Spirit upon me, in the power of your might, I break all these curse OFF my family line, off of me, off of my children.  They are broken. They are finished. I am free. Hallelujah!!!”

            At this point, we usually invite a recess for bathroom or water, etc.

            Now, it is time to cast out the demons.  When ministering to a female, we have a female chaperone present who is known and trusted by the candidate.  She is to sit right next to our candidate, with her chair about 7 or 8 inches away, and turned facing the candidate's right side.  We pray for the Lord to fill the chaperone with His Holy Spirit and with anointing for the work at hand.  This is so she can be used by the Lord as she lays her hands on the candidate when it becomes necessary.  The male deliverance team will lay hands on her head, shoulders and upper back as a part of the impartation of God’s anointing for the purpose of driving out the demons.  Sometimes, it is necessary to lay hands on the woman’s abdomen, or upper chest, and this is for the female chaperone  to do, with the candidate's permission.

The two deliverance team partners consult and review the list of demons.  We ask the Lord if there are any more to put on the list.  We ask Him to show us which of the demons on the list is likely to be “the doorkeepers”.  This is the demon, or group of demons, that have the ability to affect this person’s emotions in such a way, and in such intensity, that he will just “shut down”, when we begin to command the demons to leave.  If this happens, he becomes ambivalent about wanting deliverance, or changes his mind.  No deliverance will occur under these conditions, because the demons know that they can stay as long as the person is double-minded, or unwilling.  Typically, the demons that have this ability are: the spirit of control, fear of loss of control, fear of vulnerability, and fear of manipulation.  Once the deliverance team believes they know which are the doorkeepers, they are the first ones to be cast out.  Special legal work is usually necessary for these demons, such as, “Father, I confess that I believed the lies of the spirit of control, when I was a child, when he told me I needed him to help me stay in control, so I would be safe.  I trusted in him rather than you.  I am sorry I did that.  That was sin, and I repent of that sin.  I renounce that decision to trust in that demon.  I renounce the work of the devil since that time, including all the torment I have felt when I couldn’t control things.  Please forgive me for this.  I receive your forgiveness, with thanksgiving in my heart.  I forgive myself.  Now, I promise that I will never trust in that demon again.  I will trust in you.  You are my God, my Almighty God, and you know how to take care of me in the very best way.  I trust in your care.  Now, please drive this spirit of control out of me, in Jesus’ Name.”

            Then, we say to the person, now we will have you talk to the demon.  We have the person say, “You spirit of control, I renounce you in Jesus’ Name.  I remind you that the curse by which you came has been broken.  It is finished, and you are finished.  I hate you, and what you have done to me.  I don’t trust in you.  You are a liar.  I have placed my trust in God.  He is in control, and He takes care of me, from now on.  Now, I command you to come out of me, in Jesus’ Name.”  Sometimes the demon will try to prevent the person from saying these words, and he will stammer, or seem to be unable to speak.  Here, we speak to the demon, “Spirit of control, I command you to stand down.  You let go of his speaking apparatus.  Your legal grounds for being here are destroyed.  You WILL come out.  LOOSE HIM!!”  Then, we encourage the person to say the words that he was unable to say, one at a time, if necessary.  Once they are said, the demon has lost his right to be there.

            Then, we say to the person, “OK, we’ll take it from here.  You just sit there and want him out.  When he gets up into your throat, we’ll encourage you to cough him out.  He will come out of your mouth.”

            Then, we (the deliverance team) speak to the demon as follows, ”you spirit of control, you have been renounced in Jesus’ name, you have been declared hated, in Jesus’ name, the curse has been broken, you have been commanded to come out, in Jesus’ name.  You must go.  Now, we cut you off from your father, Satan.  You have no power from him, no instruction or help from him.  We cut you loose from inside __________.  You will come out, in Jesus’ name.  COME OUT OF HIM, NOW, IN JESUS’ NAME!!”  We ask Jesus to come and bring more anointing, as we lay hands on the person’s head, shoulders or back.  If the demon tries to choke the person, we simply place our hand on his throat and command the demon to loose his throat.  After a few minutes of commanding the demon to leave, repeatedly, he will go out with a cough, or a belch, or a scream (95% of the time, it is with a cough).  He will come out with the expulsion of air, in some form.

Why doesn’t the demon come out as simply as when Jesus did it?  Because the demon knows that we are not perfect, like Jesus is, and that we are not God.  He observes that we have flaws in us, and that we are not the Son of God.  He wants to see if he can defy us and stay.  He has encountered during the thousands of years of his existence some who would do deliverance that lack real faith that Jesus will deliver the person, or they may lack  confidence in their ability to operate in the delegated authority of Jesus.  Or, the demon may try to manifest in some way that will scare us, and get us to stop this deliverance.  When we are steadfast in our insistence that he leave, and we let him know that we are not going to stop until he is gone, he will give up and go.  Sometimes, we actually tell him that we are not going to stop until he goes.

The process described above for casting out a demon is then applied to each of the demons on the list.  With great joy, we put a check mark beside the name of each one as he is cast out, so we can keep track of which ones are gone.  There are times when the anointing of the Lord is strong, and we find that we can cast out several at a time (perhaps  three, four or even five).  This helps to get the work done more quickly.

Often, when in the process of casting a demon out, in addition to the steps mentioned above, we will have the candidate quote scripture  and/or declare his heartfelt intention to trust God or obey Him.  An example would be, in the case of a spirit of fear, “You spirit of fear, God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.  I will not walk in fear any more.  I trust that my God will protect me.”

When we have cast out all the demons that have been revealed, we gather around the candidate, lay hands on him, and pray something like this, “Lord Jesus, we thank you for the great victory you have won for _________.  We praise you and thank you.  Now, we ask that you seal this wonderful work by your Holy Spirit.  We ask that you fill _________ with your Holy Spirit.  Fill all the places where the demons used to be.  We don’t want any empty spaces.  We ask that you heal the sore places where those demons were attached to the inside of ________.  We ask that you fill him with your love, joy and peace.  In Your wonderful name, Lord Jesus.”  We may add other things, depending upon who it is, and what we know about his personal situation.

Then, we give him his list of demons, and ask him to keep it in his bible for a year.  We let him know that a few of these demons may actually try to get back in.  We explain that the Holy Spirit will not let them back in, unless he gets back into gross sin in that area where the demon had operated.  We explain that if a demon tries to get back in, it will be like he is tapping on the windowpane, and the person will know it is a demon doing this.  He is to ask the Lord what demon this is.  Often, he will sense the Lord revealing the demon’s identity.  If he doesn’t seem to be getting it, he can simply pull out his “demon list”, and review it, and he will be able to identify the demon.  Then, he is to speak directly to the demon, “You spirit of fear, you are not coming back in.  You are finished in my life.  My Lord Jesus cast you out, and you are staying out.  I will not fear.  I trust my God to take care of me.  I rebuke you, and command you to leave me, in Jesus’ Name.”  We explain that the demon may try to do this a few more times, but when he gets the message that you are serious, he will give up and report back to his demonic captain, or to the devil for reassignment.

We also encourage him to spend time during his morning quiet time working his way through the list, a few demons at a time, asking the Lord to show him what life is going to be like without this demon and that demon.  This usually proves to be a great encouragement. 

            Matthew 10:1,8; Luke 9:1; 10:17-20