Healing Our Hearts

My Book

"More Than We Can Imagine:  A Practical Guide to the Holy Spirit"  

     It is very gratifying to know that I have completed the writing of this book, and that it is in print and available to the Body of Christ.  My highest desire is that the Lord would use this book to strengthen and encourage Christians, to embolden them to step out and let the Holy Spirit use them in some of the wonderful ministry that He has for them to do for Him.

     Over the years, the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirit have been extremely important to me in my ministry and my life.  Left to my own wisdom and strength, I would not have been able to accomplish very much at all.  It was in 1974 that I learned of the Holy Spirit’s desire to empower me for ministry.  I surrendered to His empowering and began the wonderful supernatural journey that has included the writing of this book, thirty-four years later.

     In the writing, it was my hope to combine the theological truths about the Holy Spirit that any Bible scholar would think important with substantial amounts of very practical examples of the ways in which God’s Spirit wants to relate with and use Christians to bless people and bring glory to God.  He knows their hearts better than they know their own hearts.  He yearns for the day when Christians will surrender to His call to serve the Godhead as God’s servants in every way they are needed, including the supernatural ministry that will bring healing, redemption, restoration and deliverance to this broken and hurting world.

     I believe that reading this book will enlarge your understanding of the Holy Spirit.  You will learn His ways, about His Fruit and His Gifts, about His worldview, His desire for fellowship with His people, His desire to fill believers with His power, and His urgent desire to bring healing and restoration to this world.


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   1. My Introduction to the Holy Spirit

   2. The Nature of His Being

   3. His Divinity and His Function in the Trinity

   4. His Personality

   5. His Part in Regeneration

   6. His Indwelling of the Believer

   7. His Part in Illumination and Guidance

   8. His Part in Sanctification

   9. His Desire for Fellowship

 10. His Fruit

 11. His Gifts

 12. His Desire to Use Believers in Ministry

 13. His Omnipresence and His Manifest Presence

 14. Baptized with the Holy Spirit

 15. Experiencing the Manifest Presence of God

 16. More Than We Can Imagine


Dick Robinson                                                                             

May, 2008